Alternative Thanksgiving Meal Ideas

Do you want to make this year’s Thanksgiving a little bit different from what you’ve been having? Would you like to see a list of some fantastic meal ideas that you can eat with your family and friends? Well, then you’re in the right place.

In this article, I will show you a list of some of the most mouth-watering meals you can have for Thanksgiving. I love to say that your eyes eat the food first before your mouth. If it’s not looking good enough, the mouth may never get to taste it. Look through this article, and you may just want to bite your screen.

Rosemary-glazed hens

Cool down on the excessive frying. Try some grilling for a change. To make this even more interesting for you and your family, you can have an outdoor grill. One thing that should set your chicken apart from any other chicken is the rosemary glazing. The flavor should make you drool.

Pomegranate roast duck

It’s only natural that this one is coming right after the rosemary chicken. You can have it as your center-piece if well prepared and stuffed with pancetta and apple. Serve it on a bed of chestnuts, and you can come back to thank me. It may look like a turkey, but when you take a bite, you’ll feel the difference.

Beef tenderloin roast

Give yourself and your family a beefy treat with this gorgeous meal. Keep everything in small round pieces to ensure that it cooks evenly. Place some garlic slices on the beef pieces before or after cooking. What you need is the flavor. Make sure you don’t make it too much, be as careful with the garlic as possible. You can add rosemary for some extra delicious scent.

Stuffed butternut squash

This one takes you on a journey with just a glance at it. It is more delicious than it looks. Don’t worry about cholesterol or fat. It is as healthy as any food. If you’re thinking of cheating on keto, this is one food you should try because it doesn’t take you too far away from ketones.

Baked sweet potato

Talk about a very healthy Thanksgiving meal, and you must mention this one. It is high in carbs but completely healthy. What’s more, it is the kind of food to try if you’re a vegan. Meals like this are not for everyday consumption. You save them for unforgettable moments.

Vegan pumpkin pie

Are you thinking of something that you can use as dessert? Why not prepare this delicious vegan version of a pumpkin pie? It is reasonably easy to make; it’s just the same way you make a regular pumpkin pie. The only difference this time is that you’re not adding meat or dairy products.

Thanksgiving is a time that brings everyone together from far and near. Nothing beats making the event one that they’ll remember for 365 days and long to come back again. Substitute turkey for some of these delicacies, and your creativity will be highly commended.