Baked Alaska Recipe

This article would talk about ways you can make the baked Alaska recipe. It is an intermediate chef-level recipe, and it would take six hours and twenty-nine minutes. A preparation time of forty-five minutes and a cook time of four minutes. It yields about twelve servings. 

List of ingredients to use for this Recipe 

If you want to make the Ice Cream cake, you would need veggie oil for brushing it, a pint of raspberry, other sorbet or passion fruit which needs to be softened, a pint of vanilla ice cream, a quart of chocolate ice cream, make sure they are all muted, a cup of water chocolate crumbs. You would need about seventeen crushed wafers. A pound loaf cake. 

If you want to make the Meringue, you would need a cup of soft eggs, a touch of tartar cream, a cup of sugar too. 

Steps to Follow to create this meal 

How to make the ice cream cake 

You need to brush a three-quart metal plate using veggie oil. It would help if you then lined this using a plastic wrap. Then fill all the bowls using sorbet scoops. Vanilla ice cream and a half cup of chocolate ice cream. It would help if you alternated in between the scoops of ice cream. This would create a beautiful color mosaic and shapes. You can then place some plastic wrap on the top of the ice cream. Press down to the close of this so the gaps would be filled in between. You can then remove the wrap made of plastic, then sprinkle some ice cream using the wafer crumbs, and then cover it again using some plastic wrap. You can then get rid of the plastic wrap, spread some ice cream around the water, and then cover everything using the plastic wrap. Press all of this gently and then cover it all using the plastic wrap. Freeze everything till they are all set for about thirty minutes.

From this point, you can then get rid of the wrap and spread all of the remaining chocolate ice creams on even layers on top of the Bread crumbs. You can then cut the pound cake into half an inch thick slices. It would help if you trimmed it as desired to create the beautiful looks that you want. Cover this all using great plastic wraps and freeze till it is all firm for at least two hours or two days. 

Making the Meringue 

It would help if you whipped the tartar cream and the egg whites inside a big bowl using a mixer and medium heat till it foams over. Do this for about two minutes. Beat in the sugar gradually till the white part looks glossy and the stuff peaks at a point. 

Then you can preheat everything at about five hundred degrees and for about four minutes. The Meringue would turn brown using a blow torch. Let the cake become soft at room temperature for about ten minutes before you slice it. Freeze all that remains after.