Best Hot Wings Restaurant in Miami, Florida

You can count the number of things that are better than great hot wings, your favorite drink, and your favorite TV show. Now imagine all of them going hand in hand. There are various ways to get the most out of your chicken wings. You can want it smoked, grilled, fried, marinated, spicy, etc. It’s unending.

However, you want it to be done the right way and by the right restaurant too. That’s why we’ve taken the time to get you the number of the best hot wings restaurant you can find and enjoy in the southern United States.

5 Best Hot Wings Restaurants in Miami

1.     Phuc Yea

Looking for a great hot wings restaurant in Miami, Florida? We got you covered. Phuc Yea offers you the best of caramelized chicken wings and you get all you see. This is because there aren’t any breading done to make it look bitter than it already it. It is perfectly glazed with caramel fish sauce and you can literally feel it melt in your mouth. Why not enjoy the perfect sweet, savory, and salty taste from Phuc Yea today?

2.     Harry’s Pizzeria (different locations)

The amazing thing about Harry’s Pizzeria is the multiple locations you can find it in. You can always find one closest to you and order your hot wings which are coated in vinegar and sugar. This tastes more exciting than you might thing. These wings are fried at 700 degrees and are perfect served with plenty of sauce for you to glaze them in as well as rosemary cream. You can never go wrong with their hot wings.

3.     Hooters

Hooters is a wonderful place to go got your wings and it’s quite famous for that too. Their wings come in boneless and classic style and you get the best of whatever you other. You also get a variety of sauce choices as they have a total of 11. Why not add a great drink to go along with it?.

4.     Titanic Restaurant and Brewery

A pretty popular hangout spot in the University of Miami, this restaurant comes with great wings and even better prices. That’s right, you can get a pound for less than $10 and even lesser for 2 pounds. It just gets better and better. If you’re a wings lover, then you can order a bucket of Sriracha wings which come with a famous Vietnamese hot sauce. You won’t regret it.

5.     Keg South

Keg south makes the list of one of the best restaurants for hot chicken wings and for good reasons too. It offers you a classic hot chicken serve which lives up to their names. The wings are hot and are dressed, if not drenched, in barbecue sauce. You honestly can’t go wrong with this. So when next you’re looking for a hot chicken wings place in the south, why not head down to Keg South?

These are our top best 5 places to get the hot chicken wings that you deserve. So why not do yourself a favor and visit them?. Remember there are lots of other places where you can visit as the south has perfectly mastered the art of hot wings.