Best Nashville Restaurants with Music

There are many restaurants in Nashville where people can enjoy both live musical entertainment and a nice dinner all at once. In this case, we are not referring to the latest celebrity-backed venues that focus mainly on accompanying the bands that are on stage and make you step on the dance floor.

Rather, we are going to talk about the Nashville restaurants with music that have been in existence longer than these recent ones, and have also been doing the right thing in the right way.

Best Nashville Restaurants with Music

Let us now begin to talk about the best restaurants in this town that also offers live music. Are you looking for a place where you can enjoy yourself and forget about the troubles of life? Then keep reading to see some of the best restaurants in the town and know which among them is closer to you. Below is just a list of some of them.

Acme Feed and Seed

This is a restaurant in Nashville that is located at the lower Broadway’s footprint in the premium real estate. It has a deck at the rooftop where you can have a wonderful view of the Cumberland River, East Nashville, and the whole pleasant things that are happening on downtown streets. But, if you have visited this venue just to enjoy the music, then you should remain on the ground floor, because that is where you will find the large stage where the funk, Americana, R&B, and blues are being performed. If you want to have a fantastic view of what is happening on stage, you may need to go upstairs. When it comes to their food/drinks menu, expect to be served with great dishes, international and southern dishes, craft beers, and many more which will bring out the singer in you while partying.

Puckett’s Grocery

This is another super restaurant in Nashville that is known for the down-home food and excellent music that they offer. Almost the whole night of every week, this place is always booming with live music. There are a lot of talented local songwriters and singers in this restaurant that are always performing on stage and in the front of awesome and generous audiences enjoying delicious traditional meat-and-3 treat and well-nourishing barbecue. Unlike the honky-tonks that are on the lower Broadway, you will never hear the sound of any other competing band in the room; rather, you will have a smooth listening experience. The bands you will meet here are very talented.

There are several other fantastic Nashville restaurants with music, including the Bluebird Café, Robert’s Western World, and the Listening Room Café.  If you are in Nashville and you are looking for a nice restaurant where you can party, visit one of these venues today.