Best Restaurants in Chicago that Feature Live Music

Watching live music while eating your favorite meal can be a massive win. Add good music with food and drink and you’re on the right path to the perfect evening in Chicago. 

Chicago is a place that has a handful of these venues that can deliver both the food and the music. You get to munch on your favorite good pre-show and post-show and any night of the week at that. So if you’re visiting Chicago or you live there and have no idea where any of these places are, you’re in luck as we created this perfect list to guide you.

Thalia Hall

Thalia hall offers you a lot of talent and history. This venue was founded in the 20th century and was a great gathering place for the neighborhood. Over the years, it became a one-stop-shop for all the best cocktail, revelry, and of course large piano lounges you only imagine. One of the most outstanding places is the restaurant which has earned itself a Michelin Star in 3 consecutive years. You get the best dishes such as chicken-fried rabbit, foie Gras fondue, etc. The concert hall is just upstairs and you witness a lot of indie acts from the likes of Dermot Kennedy etc. 

The Promontory

Lots of visitors frequently love flooding Hyde park for a reason or make that two reasons; food and music. It has a wonderful restaurant and bar plus a second-floor music venue. A lot of acts are presented in these places from local DJs and even Grammy-winning artists. Not only do you get to enjoys music but they own a signature cocktail which includes smoked pineapple Daiquiri or Promontory Paloma. They also serve some of the most amazing prawns, smoked trout Caesar, etc. if you love fine delicacies and music, this is a place to be.  


In the past years, music has welcomed a lot of acts and so has this live music destination. A lot of acts have been incorporated from local to national touring acts. Some of these include Lucinda Williams, Alabama Shakes, etc. I’m adding to that, there is the onsite recording studio which lets bands go on to create new works. It also gives musicians the opportunity to rehearse or even decide to collaborate before the show and that’s not all. This live music destination also shares the same roof as Union Pizzaria and you can’t afford to miss all the lamb sausage pizza, tasty meatballs, old fashioned whiskey, and a lot more. 


There are a lot more Chicago has to offer and not only do you get to view these amazing musicians, but you also get to behold a lot of musical instruments down to vintage guitars and music genres such as jazz and folk. You can always get one for yourself, make a lot of memories, take pictures, eat delicious food and listen to your heart’s content every day and night here in Chicago.