Best Steaks to Try

When you enter a steakhouse, you don’t just want to bite and chew on just any steak. You want one that isn’t only delicious but also looks appealing to the eyes and soft to the touch. The better it looks and the better it feels, the more excited you will be about eating it.

In this article, we’re going to look at some of the best steaks to try either by ordering or going out to get a bite. You must know that not every restaurant or steakhouse offers these steaks, but you could always cook them at home.

Tenderloin filet

Remember when I said that the best steaks to try are the ones that actually look appealing to your eyes and soft to touch. You cannot eat the tenderloin filet and not feel the goodness even before you put it in your mouth.

This steak is also popularly referred to as the filet mignon and it is very tender, soft, and if properly grilled, it tastes spectacularly good.

T-bone steak

This one gets its name from the center bone that separates two steaks. It is difficult to cook this steak half-done, because the meat that surrounds the T-Bone is difficult to cook, you would have to overcook it before it gets properly done. This results in getting the other parts of the steak overcooked, but it’s a good thing, because it makes the steak well cooked and soft enough for about any teeth to chew on.

Porterhouse steak

Sometimes this one is mistaken for the T-Bone steak, because they are actually cut in the same shape and sometimes the same size but most often you’ll always see a bigger version of it. One of the tastiest of them all, it is also popularly referred to as the king of the T-Bone steaks.

If you’re thinking of a steak that you can share among family and friends, then the porterhouse steak has got you covered. You’d be getting a blend of the filet mignon and the New York strip, which is going to be next on the list.

The New York strip

This one is the most healthy if you are trying to watch your weight. It has very low fat, it’s very tender and soft, and it is succulent and buttery. This steak combines the sweetness and in fact, the gorgeousness of all the previously mentioned steaks, except the fact that it may not be as big as most of them.

The ribeye steak

This has to be the most juicy of them all with enough flavour to get you attracted from a mile away. The only issue here is that it is beefy and fatty, so if you’re trying to watch your weight, this may not be a very good option. However, the taste is almost irresistible.

Above are some of the best steaks that you can try out whenever you need some extra deliciousness in beef. You can order and huck it down at home or just visit the closest steakhouse.