Best Surfside Beach Restaurant in South Carolina

Surfside Beach in South Carolina is also known as ‘The Family Beach’. This is one of the places that every adventurous person (and their kids) needs to see. The scenery and the ambiance at the surfside beach are amazing. You will find a lot of people here because of how pleasant the beach is to visit. There is a long list of things to do at the Surfside Beach in South Carolina, but this article will focus on our favorite Surfside Beach restaurant picks. 

Food is one of the reasons to travel.. So, if you ever find yourself in Surfside Beach in South Carolina, these are the best Surfside Beach restaurants to get yourself treated to sumptuous delicacies.

5 Surfside Beach Restaurant Options

The Surf Diner

Surf Diner is one of the best places to enjoy both coastal and local delicacies. They have a variety of seafood, such as oysters, local shrimp, crab, and a variety of fresh fish. You can also enjoy fresh chicken salad, juicy burgers, and many other delicious meals. We like Surf Diner, because they offer a unique taste and style. They have a good location with amazing scenery. You wouldn’t want to trade the food here for nothing.

River City Cafe

Every food is grand at River City Cafe, so if you are a lover of grand meals, you should visit here. River City Cafe’s burger has always won the award for the “Best of the Year,” because of the juicy and delicious taste. This restaurant is a big deal in the surfside beach; your visit isn’t complete without experiencing the coziness and grand meals here.

Malibu of Surfside

Malibu of Surfside is a restaurant owned by a family that shares a passion for food. It is an Italian restaurant and one of the most popular at Surfside Beach. Malibu of Surfside offers standard Italian cuisine, special and innovative meals. You can also enjoy an amazing dessert here. This restaurant completes your adventure at Surfside Beach. 

Bubba’s Fish Shack

This is one of the best surfside beach restaurants for local meals and seafood. You get to enjoy special and casual foods like crab cake, clam chowder, grouper fingers, shrimps, fried pickles, ribs, and wings. Bubba’s Fish Shack makes the best clam chowder, you should try it out the next time you are in the Surfside Beach in South Carolina. They also have a bar where you can get your favorite drink.

Southside Grill

Southside Grill is the place to enjoy traditional cuisine, seafood, and the best sandwiches in surfside beach. The meals here taste homemade and they sure make you feel like you are in your home. The customer service is excellent also. Once you are in Surfside Beach, you should find your way to Southside grill and enjoy crab cake here.

Can’t Eat Seafood?

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