Best Taco Recipe from Austin, Texas

Today I’ll happily be talking about Best Taco Recipe from Austin, Texas. If you’re a huge taco fan, then come on. Learn this recipe, I and then you’ll thank me later. 

The cook time for this taco recipe is thirty minutes.

The preparation time for this taco recipe is fifteen minutes.

You get to create about four servings when you’re done.

In Austin, Texas, a lot of people love eating racist. It works best in the morning, afternoon, and even for dinner. Warm tortillas have several classics used for breakfast. These include bacon and eggs. In Texas, we also add in some southwestern ingredients like avocado and barbecued meats. The flavor combinations are so much I can’t list them all. 

What are the Ingredients you need for this fantastic recipe?

You would need not sauce, salsas, sliced avocado, sour cream, cilantro. It would help if you also had flour tortillas, eight corn, and you need to make sure they are all hot. It would help if you had half a cup of shredded cheese. Make use of either Monterey or Cheddar. It would help if you had a quarter cup of whole milk or heavy cream. You need eight eggs, two tablespoons of unsalted butter, a quarter cup of cilantro; make sure your cilantro is chopped. It would help if you had a cup of leftover barbecue pork ribs; chop this too. It would help if you had some freshly ground black pepper and kosher salt. It would help if you had a tablespoon of adobo sauce and two chipotles in adobo. It would help if you had a teaspoon of cumin. You need a large diced russet potatoes; you need a tiny red onion, dice it, please. Then finally, you ed two tablespoons of vegetable oil. 

Steps to follow as you prepare this delicious Best Taco Recipe from Austin, Texas   

 Using a medium-sized pan, you should heat your vegetable over medium heat. Add in the diced onion and then leave it to cook for about two minutes. Once the onions have this translucent look, add your diced potatoes, chipotles, cumin, and sauce. Make sure you season everything with pepper and salt, and then you keep cooking for about fifteen minutes till the potatoes are tender. 

When your potatoes are done cooking, put in the cilantro and your pork and then keep them aside. 

Clear your pan, make the potatoes, and put it back on medium heat. I was using unsalted butter.

As your pan is preheating, whisk your eggs and then cream veering together. Season everything using pepper and salt. 

After you have a hot pan and your butter has adequately melted. Add in your eggs and start stirring immediately using a rubber spatula. Don’t stop stirring and keep scrambling till your eggs look a little bit more than halfway. You should leave this for about three minutes. At this point, put in the shredded cheese and keep cooking till your cheese has melted, and then you’ve scrambled your eggs to your desires. 

Organize your tacos exactly how you desire. You should enjoy the look. That’s if you did everything correctly and you made little or no mistakes.