Can I Eat Chinese Food on a Keto Diet?

Being on a keto diet requires a whole lot of commitment. But what happens when you want to eat particular food from a restaurant, but you aren’t sure if it compliments your diet or not? Seeking a certain food can crush all your dieting progress, and that is why it is important to be sure about what you’re eating. When on a keto diet, you try as much as possible to stay away from carbs. That means you limit the intake of carbs to be less than 50 grams daily. When you do this, your body has no choice but to convert your fat into fuel.

That means you have to give up a lot of things like potatoes, bread, pasta, and rice, but you can make it easier by cooking your own meals, and that can be stressful sometimes. You also can’t eat out as much as possible, because not all restaurants consider keto dieters.

Chinese food is quite a very popular cuisine around the world, and the good news is that you can still be on your keto diet and enjoy great food options from your favorite Chinese restaurants. You don’t have to shy away from eating great meals just because of a diet. Diets should make your meals healthy and enjoyable.

What to Eat

This is why there are lots of keto-friendly food options for you to eat and love. Some of the low carb options in a Chinese restaurant include:

1.     Chop suey

2.     Chicken wings and spare ribs

3.     Mu shu chicken or pork

4.     Egg foo yung

5.     Steamed food

6.     Clear soup

7.     Mu Shu chicken pork

8.     Kung pao chicken

What to Avoid

There are also a few things you should stay away from to ensure your keto diet goes according to plan. Some of these things to steer clear from include:

1.     Dumplings and wontons

2.     Deep-fried meat or fish

3.     Rice and noodles

4.     Sweet and sour pork

5.     Beef or chicken

6.     Desserts

What To Know Before You Order

There are things you should ensure to do when you go to a Chinese restaurant, and one of those things includes telling your server that you are on a diet. When you do this, also explain what you are staying away from such as sugar and cornstarch. These ingredients are very common in sauces. You can ask for a low-carb soy sauce inside.

Also, take your meals on the side to ensure that you can limit the amount you take. Avoid any form of sugary sauces, such as hoisin sauce, duck sauce, or oyster sauce. By doing that, you can limit your intake.

When you know you’ll be eating some Chinese food later in the day, try eliminating carbs in any meal you take before then.

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