Classiest Restaurants in NYC

Around the world, New York City (NYC) is not just known for its monuments, entertainment, finance, world-class museums, and shopping. It’s also known for operating at a marvelous speed when it comes to fine dining. NYC is one city in the world that has high diversity and competitiveness among restaurants. From comfort food to three-star Michelin tasting menus, NYC has it all. But we’ll attempt to narrow it down to the five classiest restaurants in NYC.

5 Classiest Restaurants in NYC

Le Bernadin

Le Bernadin is a French seafood restaurant. Offering several tasting options, this classy restaurant has a 3 Michelin star menu that has held its 4-star rating from The New York Times since 1986, and in 2017 it was ranked second in a list of the top 1,000 restaurants in the world on LA liste. The entire 4-course menu is based on serving fresh and simple seafood taking on French and global influences.


This is one of the classiest restaurants in NYC. Rao’s is a highly respected Italian restaurant that has been around since 1896. This restaurant offers authentic Italian foods with red sauce that have been passed from generation to generation. Their delicious ziti and fluffy meatballs are still the everlasting favorites. After gaining a 3-star review from The New York Times in 1977, the restaurant rose fame making it difficult to secure reservations. As a result, the owners enacted a strict reservation system to preserve valued regulars. Reservations may take at least a year, so you have to be very patient.


Atera adapts a sleek modern decor with a very welcoming lounge area. It is well known for its cuisines with an 18-course menu each dish is prepared to perfection. 


Manhatta is a restaurant that combines sky-high views and amazing hospitality with fine dining. The seasonal and soulful cuisines prepared here are complemented by a fantastic wine menu while offering phenomenal views of New York City.


Carbone is an Italian restaurant that has some new tricks to brace yourself for. It is one of the classiest restaurants in NYC with a grandeur feel. It is not just your typical Italian restaurant, but the cuisines offered are updated American-Italian dishes. Accompanied by an amazing wine list, some of the recommended cuisines include cherry pepper ribs, double lamb chop, lobster, and veal parm. 

What are your favorite classiest restaurants in NYC?