Food Ideas for a Boston New Years Party

A traditional Boston New Years party is usually fun and exciting. It’s one of the ways to begin the year with a celebratory mood. And whenever you hear about a New Years party in Boston, you can begin to imagine an evening around a buffet table or a fancy dinner. A common trend with any Boston New Years party is creativity. Many hosts here focus on being creative with food.

While thinking of the restaurant to hold your Boston New Years party, you may decide to host a party at your home instead. You can cook or choose a restaurant that delivers its best. Here are some recommendations for food at your next Boston New Years Party.

6 Food Ideas for a Boston New Years Party


BBQ does it every time and even does it better for a Boston New Years party. You and your friends or family members can treat yourselves to a delicious barbeque buffet with a sparkling wine. A good spot to enjoy a barbecue buffet is The Smoke Shop: Midnight Fried Chicken Buffet. You can get the best out of barbeque here. Or grill your own BBQ at home.

Special Seafood

You shouldn’t celebrate the new year with boring food. Seafood with some la carte special will just be great. You can opt for seafood with bacon ragout and lobster pierogi with smoked chanterelle. Begin the New Year by treating yourself to something different from what you eat on a regular basis. A good place to find this special meal in Boston is at Waypoint: Home of Lobster Pierogi.

Local Food

A local tasting meal can pass as a good meal for a Boston New Years party. One of the places to get the best local tasting meal in Boston is Field & Vine. Here, you will find festively made meals for the season; everything from foie gras sausage cassoulet to black trumpet mushroom salad. You can have a jolly party over these local tasting meals in Boston.

Pork and Paella

Paella is a party pleaser and will only bring more sweetness to your party. Pair pork and paella over some exotic wine and toast to a beautiful year ahead. Pagu makes the best paella in Boston, so you will do just fine by getting your pork and paella from Pagu. Pagu was nominated for Boston’s best restaurant in 2017, so you can be sure they are doing some great work here.


Caviar will certainly make a great meal for your New Years party, whether day or night. Row 34 makes special caviar for new year celebration, so you can enjoy some caviar specials, including traditional caviar with toasted brioche and special garnishes.

Filet Mignon

How would you like a tender filet mignon for your new year party? A tender filet mignon is a good meal to celebrate the new year and toast to life. You can get this modern American cuisine at 49 Social. They make everything delicious; from their filet mignon to their quesadilla.

For a Boston New Years party, you can step out into the restaurants to have a good time, or have the food delivered if you are having a house party. Which option will you choose?