How to Make Chocolate Smoothies

Everyone loves chocolate smoothies; they are great treats for people of every age. They could be quite rich when created using ice cream as an ingredient. You could use them to gain in a lot of nutrients like proteins when they are made with ingredients like bananas, protein powder, and peanut butter. If you want to enjoy a chocolate smoothie, the things you need to get are quite simple. Get your ingredients, mix them by blending, pour it in a cup and have fun.

Recipe on How to Make Chocolate Smoothies


·       50 mL of chocolate syrup

·       180 mL worth of milk

·       430 g vanilla-flavored ice cream

·       Optional: Designs for Health’s PurePaleo Protein Natural Chocolate Powder

·       Whipped cream to taste

*These would get you about 2 cups of chocolate smoothies.


Start by adding 430 grams of ice cream into the blender. If you want a classic chocolate smoothie, then make use of vanilla-flavored ice cream. If you want your chocolate smoothie to be thicker, then switch it up for chocolate-flavored ice cream. Make sure you add the ice cream scoops to the blender first before turning it on to prevent it from splashing everywhere.

If the ice cream you have is completely frozen, run the ice cream through some hot water for a few seconds. Any ice cream flavor could be used. Either peanut butter or coffee ice cream would go well with chocolate. If you don’t consume dairy, make use of dairy-free ice cream.

Then you pour in your 180 mL worth of milk and your 50 mL worth of chocolate syrup into the blender. Do this gently, so you prevent unnecessary splashing. You should use a spatula if all the chocolate syrup is having issues in entering the blender.

Blend everything that is inside the blender until you notice frothy moisture. Check the blender and make use of the smoothie setting if it is available. Continue blending for about a minute or 50 seconds until you notice all the ingredients have mixed properly. If you see any streak of chocolate syrup or ice cream, continue blending till it’s gone.

Taste the smoothie, and if any more ingredients are needed, add them until it tastes like what you want. Once the chocolate smoothie is done blending, remove the lid of the blender, and taste it properly with a spoon. If it tastes too sweet, out in more Ice cream or more milk. If it is not sweet the way you want, add more chocolate syrup.

When everything is done, pour your chocolate smoothie into two glasses, and you could top it off with whipped cream. For smaller portions, divide the smoothie in short glasses. Four short glasses should be enough.

You could add other things in the chocolate smoothie, like strawberries, sprinkles, bananas, and any other edible you desire for a tasty extra element.