How to Make Cincinnati Skyline Chili

Cincinnati Skyline Chili recipes have more ways of cooking this. You could even make use of oyster crackers. It’s going to be nice. 

Here you can purchase Gold Star also known as Skyline. It is available in Frozen trays, packets, and cans. These are all convenient and a little bit pricey. Let’s go ahead with the recipe, shall we? 

This is an affordable recipe because it is one made with chili. Making use of all those preservatives and all those other things that are in packets would take the fun out of your natural meal. One of the reasons you need to understand if you live here is that you might not find these packets or trays or cans at your typical grocery store. This is quite sad I’ll say. We all should enjoy this wonderful chili no matter which part of the world you live in. 

Ingredients you need to make Cincinnati Skyline Chili

  1. Water 
  2. Chocolate 
  3. Tomato Paste 
  4. A Large Pot  
  5. Turkey 
  6. Spices 
  7. Vinegar 
  8. Beef 
  9. Potato Masher

Steps in making Cincinnati Skyline Chili

This is a very easy process you know. You just need to add in some water, chocolate, and tomato paste. Put them all in a large pot and cook it all for a while using medium heat. Do not make use of milk chocolate like the type that’s used in the production of snacks and other junk food. That’s no good for this recipe. Use unsweetened Cocoa like the types Cocoa bakers make use of. This would aid in the taste of your Cincinnati Skyline Chili. 

After this, you can add in your beef, vinegar, spices and then merge, break and crumble using your fingers. You can make use of a whisk, masher, or whatever you have that’s available to grind the beef the way you like. In the end, all you want is for the meat to get broken up into simple fine pieces. You can simply make use of a fork and have lots of fun with your whisk. Like break, punch, and hit as hard as you can for the meat to get broken up. 

The rest is for you to let it boil properly. You can reduce the heat to medium level and allow it to cook properly. Then reduce it again for about an hour to an hour and a half for it to simmer and boil steadily. It would thicken up under low heat gently. The smell would make your house scent like a restaurant. It is an epic feeling. 

Ways you can Consume Cincinnati Skyline Chili

  1. Two Way = Chili and Spaghetti 
  2. Three-Way = Cheese, Chili, and Spaghetti 
  3. Four-Way = Beans, Onions, Chili, Spaghetti 
  4. Five-Way = Spaghetti, Beans, Cheese, Chili, and Onion 

Ways to Consume Cincinnati Skyline Chili and Coney

  1. Chili, hot dog Bun.
  2. Cheese, Chili, hot dog, Bun

Using these, you can have a blast with your Cincinnati Skyline Chili.