How to Make Wine Glass Charm Tags for Party Guests

If you are a lover of wine like Merlot or the best Cabernet Sauvignon, you may be organizing a party or gathering where wine will be served, so you’ll to use wine glass markers to differentiate glasses among guests. That’s why you may need to know how to make wine glass charm tags for your party guests. Keep reading to learn how!

What are Wine Glass Charms?

Wine glass charms help track wine glasses for specific people at a party. The charms are placed around the stem of the wine glass, they are made from wire rings and things like beads, charms or any variation of both of these. They are often seen as elegant dresses for wine glasses. There are several ways of how to make wine glass charms. These ways are quite easy; you just have to understand it first. Before you know it, you will have more than enough wine glass charms for everyone.

Buying wine glass charms from stores can be expensive, costing as high as $25 for four. You can easily make them yourself and very little cost. You can make as many as four pairs for under $1 with simple beads and charms.

How to Make Wine Glass Charms

Items Needed

1.     Beads

2.     Memory wire

3.     Charms

4.     Wire cutters

5.     Needle nose pliers


After you have all the required items, follow these instructions to make you wine glass charms:

1.     Cut the wires: You will use your wire cutter to cut the desired length of the memory wire, each memory wire will be used to make a ring.

2.     You will put your charms and beautiful beads onto your memory wire, remember to design it as you please, use the number of charms and beads that it takes to go around your wine glass base, and place the charms on the wire accordingly.

3.     With your pliers, you would have to make loops on one end of each of your beaded wires.

4.     Bend the other end of the wires to a 45-degree angle.

5.     In order to close the charm, you would take the 45 degrees end of the wire and slide it into the loop side of the wire. This is the last step in making your wine glass charm.

As you can see the process is quite simple, easy, fun, and will yield lovely results. You can enjoy them by using them as tags for guests, package and sell them, or even send them as gifts to friends and family. Remember that you should take them off the glasses before you wash them.