How to Store Fresh Herbs and Spices

It is no news that cooking with fresh herbs and spices is not only delicious but is also good for your health. Garlic and other fresh spices have been used for a long time to prepare tasty delicacies. Apart from that, garlic offers many medicinal benefits, such as antioxidant, cardiovascular, and immune system support. 

If you do not grow your own herbs, you probably buy them from the local grocery store or farmer’s market and store them. For someone who loves garlic, it means that you may need garlic storage jars to keep the cloves fresh and keep your kitchen odor-free. Keep reading to learn more!

How to Keep Garlic Fresh

For those with home gardens, the weather may not be favorable for the herbs during some periods of the year. The best way to keep herbs fresh is to leave them attached to the soil and pluck them when we want to eat them. Unfortunately, not everyone has a green thumb or a garden. That’s why saving garlic in garlic storage jars, mason jars, garlic keepers, and other containers helps make the cloves last longer.

Whether you grow them at home or buy them at the store, a great way to store herbs and spices like garlic is to make use of garlic storage jars or similar methods, available if you search online retailers for “garlic keepers”.”

You can also try out garlic supplements in tablet or capsule forms from reputable brands like Kyolic. It is no news that not everyone can stomach garlic in their food (or eaten raw), but the body still craves the immune supportive benefits that it offers. That’s why you should consider taking garlic supplements such as Kyolic Formula 103 Immune and other reputable garlic supplements in existence.

How to Keep Other Herbs and Spices Fresh

Soft Herbs and Spices

Salad spinner: If it is tender like parsley, cilantro, and basil, you should consider washing them and spinning them using a salad spinner. You should cut off the stems’ ends, then take out any leaf that you see is browned or wilted.

If you want to keep these herbs fresh, you can consider leaving the jar open and putting it on a counter. There, the basil should be allowed to have access to some sunlight. You should toss away the water and introduce a fresh batch regularly.

Mason jar: Take out a mason jar and fill it with water that is one inch. Put your stemmed herbs there like they are a bouquet of flowers. Use a cling wrap to loosely cloak the herbs, or you can also use the lid of the mason jar to seal it. Keep it in a refrigerator.

Hard Herbs and Spices

Refrigerator: If it is a hard herb like rosemary, thyme, oregano or marjoram, you should consider putting them in the lengthwise direction. Keep them on a paper towel that is a bit damp. Keep the herbs rolled up loosely before you put them in plastic wrap. Keep it in your refrigerator. It can work on sage too.