There is nothing better than having a healthy gum. Unhealthy gums affects the general health of the body. An unhealthy gum make the body not function properly, leading to headaches, fatigue and fever. So utmost care should be take to keep our gums healthy at all time. 

In today’s era, thousands of people are suffering from gum disease, due to Ignorance or lack of care, but in not shell, a healthy gum adds a lot of positivity to humans. If you are finding it hard to know if you have a healthy gum or not, worry no more, because this article will consider in full detail the things we need know about a healthy gum.

The following are the signs to tell if you have a healthy gums.

Bleeding gums-:

After brushing or flossing your teeth, if you experience bleeding it is the first sign of a gum disease. You don’t need to panic, there is a solution. Most times, the bleeding might stop if an improved brushing routine is done. You also need to delicate more time to flossing . But the best thing to do is to visit your dentist. The dentist will help you to check for any developed disease that is unseen and might cause more serious problem in the future.

Change of color and swollen gums-:

Pink is the right color of a healthy gum and it should be firm to touch, but when the color changes to red, then there is a problem. At the base of the tooth often cause build up of plaque and this leads to bacteria that causes irritation and infection. Proper caution should be taken to check the base of the tooth regularly.

Bad Breath-:

Bad breath is often caused by poor oral hygiene. When we eat, most times the foods might get trapped in between our teeth, therefore forming bacteria in the mouth to grow and produce toxins and bad smell gas coming out from the mouth, which leads to constant bad breath and gum disease.

These are the three signs to look for when you find it hard to tell if you have a healthy gum.

Ways to get a healthy gum(Gum Therapy)-:

Gum therapy is the best way to treat your gums, in order to avoid periodontal disease from occurring.

Red or swollen gum(Gingivitis)-:

For severe cases, gum therapy is the best solution. A thin device will be used to slid between your gums and your tooth in a slow process. This is used to measure the health of your gums. In relation to the gum Lines, each tooth is measured in six areas. If the measurement of the area is deeper then 3, then a deep cleaning will be done.

Scaling and root planning -:

This is the process of deep cleaning. The plaque is removed from between the teeth and gum. You will not feel any pain, some situation requires a local anesthetic to give numb the treatment area, but after this, proper care and rest should be taken, to get the best out of the gum therapy. Antibiotics can also be prescribed and mouth rinse. This helps in killing the bacteria that causes gum problems quickly.

Follow up should be done-:

After applying the above, you need to follow up at least 4 times a year. This keeps in track of the process and prevent the unhealthy gum from re-occurring.


These are the things you need to know, to tell if you have a healthy gum. There are products that NHC provides to help you deal with unhealthy gums. This products has been effective long time ago and is still effective.