Natural Relief for an Upset Stomach

At several points or the other, we suffer from stomach aches. There are lots of reasons why we could get stomach aches. Some of these causes are not serious, and the bellyaches pass very fast. Because of these belly aches, we don’t need to go so far when looking for a solution. 

Just like that, you’ll be trying to have a good day, and then your belly would start stressing you. It is unfortunate and quite painful, to be honest. This article would show you different ways you could get natural relief for your stomach when it starts stressing you. To get rid of that bellyache, fast read-through. 

List of natural reliefs for an Upset Stomach 

Before I explain how some of these natural reliefs for an Upset Stomach work, let me list some of them out. 

  1. Bitters and soda
  2. Heating pad 
  3. Apple cider vinegar 
  4. Peppermint 
  5. Bray diet 
  6. Chamomile tea 
  7. Ginger 

Bitters and soda

Going to a bar is one of the last places you would want to go to when you are nauseated. Several different people swear that taking some drops of cocktail bitters and then mixing it with ginger ale, club soda, and a glass of tonic. 

Several typical bitters brands have herbs like finger, mint, fennel, and cinnamon. These ingredients could be the reason bitters help easing nausea symptoms in people. 


Since ancient times, several people have made use of fingers to cure a lot of things. From nausea, belly aches to different types of pains. It is not just gossip that goes around. Studies have shown that ginger could work very well for several types of stomach pains. 

This is naturally anti-inflammatory. Ginger could be gotten in several forms. These forms can help you. You could get supplements and ginger chews which are pretty simple to take in beverage form. You could try all-natural ginger ale. You could chop up fresh ginger roots and make yourself tea with them. 

Apple Cider Vinegar 

This works wonders, especially when your belly wants to start messing up. You could be in your office, and just like that, it would feel like you have a tummy cramp. Just take a stroll to your kitchen and then take some apple cider vinegar. This should help your belly pains in some minutes. 

My thoughts on Natural reliefs for Upset Stomach 

Where I’m from, we love taking a lot of naturally made ingredients and supplements. My Mom still believes ginger cures Corona. And she has a point, you know. My sister had Corona, I think, some weeks back. She has been advised to soak her head inside the steam that comes from hot ginger. It has helped strengthen her immune system, and whenever we get to talk to her on video calls, we end up seeing that she has gotten better. So year, these natural ingredients work.