New Orleans Bananas Foster Recipe

This article will be talking about beautiful ways one can make the new Orleans bananas foster Recipe. Could you sit back, relax, let’s learn this?

Ingredients we need to make this Recipe. 

  1. You need some canola oil, which is necessary cause without it, you wouldn’t be able to fry your Recipe deeply. 
  2. Two cups of flour that’s seasoned 
  3. Thirty-six medium to large oysters. Make sure each one of them is drained. 
  4. Please make sure the oysters you get are properly refrigerated till all of their juices are needed.

What are the directions one needs to follow in making this new Orleans banana foster Recipe? 

Steps to Follow 

It would be best if you start by heating the oil using a deep fryer to about three hundred and fifty Fahrenheit, or you could heat this to about one and a half of two oil inches using five-quart Dutch over some medium heat of three hundred and fifty degrees. 

You can then place all of your seasoned flour inside a large mixing bowl. 

After the oil has gotten to about three hundred and fifty degrees, you should drain out all excess oyster liquor from any oyster batch, and then you should dredge them in flour, which is seasoned. 

With ease, slide the oysters you have into the oil. The cold oysters would come into contact with the hot oil. These could bubble up momentarily in the pan. Then you can fry the oysters just till it looks a little bit crispy and brown. Please leave it to keep frying for about two minutes. You should then remove the finished oysters from the deep fryer. Make use of drains and slotted spoons on some paper towels. If it was a dredge, you could then fry the remaining oysters. 

The oysters get drained and dried; you can then add some little batches to the barbecue sauce and then make sure you coat them both very well. Try to serve this while it is still quite warm. 

What are the ingredients you’ll need for a Blue Dipping Sauce Cheese? 

  1. Good quality four ounces blue cheese Stilton. Make sure it is crumbled.
  2. You should make use of just ¾ mayonnaise. Try to make use of the one that homemade. 
  3. Get two tablespoons of sour cream and buttermilk.
  4. Make use of a tablespoon of white vinegar that’s distilled.
  5. Use 11/2 tablespoons oil made with veggies.
  6. Make use of a tablespoon of the flat minced leaf, using parsley leaves. 
  7. Make use of just a teaspoon of kosher salt.
  8. Make use of just a tablespoon of ground black pepper.

Steps in making this Recipe 

It would help if you combined all of these ingredients using a medium bowl mixing. Use a whisk to blend everything properly. 

Before you use the sauce for dipping, make sure it is cold and refrigerated in a container that’s covered all through the night. This would let all of the flavors develop correctly, especially when you merge it well with pepper and kosher salt if you like. Keep it cold, and it would yield about one and a half cups.