Ohio Buckeye Recipe for Candy Month

There is a particular homemade candy recipe the people love, and it’s homemade buckeye candy. If you aren’t from the state of Ohio or even if you aren’t a buckeye fan, there is a lot to love about this simple but delicious candy. Today in this article, you would get to understand the tricks in making this delicious candy that we all so much love.

Buckeye recipe

The Jif buckeye recipe can be considered to be the best, it’s very easy to mix up because of its smooth texture. The ingredients are really simple with just peanut butter, salt, vanilla, and butter. The most important ingredient in this mixture is the Vanilla because it gives the candy touch of extra flavor.

Rolling the peanut butter balls

For easy rolling, the most important step is getting the right texture. A lot of times, the Jif recipe ingredient ratio is accurate. However, you may have to tweak the ingredient a little, take for example, if the dough is too sticky, you will have to add an amount of sugar, or if the dough is crumbly, then you can add extra peanut butter. The difference in some peanut butter is the oil and sugar in them. Whatever peanut butter you decide to use, you may have to adjust the ingredient accordingly. Now you can try rolling the balls, if the batter doesn’t stick to your hands then your ingredient portion is accurate.

What chocolate is best for this candy

I find that a good quality dark chocolate is the best option. The sole reason is that dark chocolate melts faster and smoothly compared to white chocolate because dark chocolate is closer to its natural state. A lot prefer adding Paraffin wax to the chocolate for proper thinning. I have figured out that while using a bar of dark chocolate you don’t need to add Paraffin wax. My recommendation for you is to use pure chocolate.

Best way to melt a chocolate

A double boiler is a preferred choice compared to a microwave. A double boiler is simply a pan that sits on another pan. First, the water simmers on the bottom pan as the chocolate melts on the top pan.

Dipping buck eyeballs into chocolate

Using a candy dipping fork is the best way to dipping a buckeye ball. This is simply a pronged spatula that allows the chocolate to drip off the bottom, then placing them on a waxed paper. A trick to make sure that excess chocolate doesn’t pool under the buckeye balls is by first placing it on a wax paper before transferring it to a new wax paper for the whole candy to set completely, allowing any excess chocolate to pool on the first waxed paper.

How to store the buckeye candy

Buckeye is stored best in a refrigerator, or preferably at room temperature, this all depends on if you would be eating them within a day or two. You can also store them in a container.