Puerto Rican Slow-Cooked Pork Recipe

Today I’ll be showing you how you can make the Puerto Rican Slow-Cooked Pork Recipe. It is effortless, you see. All you need to know are the steps, the ingredients, and the amount of time it would take to make this tasty meal. 

List of ingredients you need for this Puerto Rican Slow-Cooked Pork Recipe

You would need to get a six-quart crockpot to create this recipe. 

You also need a 7 – 8 lb bone-in pork shoulder with its skin removed. 

Let’s not forget about your garlic cloves. You need about two of them for a pound of pork. 

It would help if you had one and a half kosher salt. It would help if you had half a tablespoon of freshly ground black pepper. It would help if you had a tablespoon of dried oregano. It would help if you had a quarter cup of extra Virgin olive oil. 

What are the directions you need to follow when making this recipe?

It would help if you took a knife and then get rid of the pig’s skin from your roast. You could tell your butcher that you don’t want the skin at all. It is a straightforward thing to do. After you remove your skin, you should poke your toast using your knife, so you have some slits, which are fantastic for the garlic paste to flow and enter. You could remove the bone now if you like. This is necessary to increase the speed at which you cook. You could leave the bone in, though. It would flow right out after it’s ready. 

Slow Cooker Pernil, also known as Puerto Rican Roast Pork. 

You can gather the ingredients for your paste together. You could make use of a pestle and mortar, which would easily break up the garlic. You could also make use of a food processor. You could chop your garlic finely and then merge it is in the back of your knife. Add some salt till it all turns to a paste. 

You can sprinkle some kosher salt into your mortar and pound it. This would help you break the garlic properly. 

To complete your delicious Puerto Rican Slow-Cooked Pork, mash up your garlic cloves till you have a chunky paste. Transfer everything into a bit of bowl. Here you sprinkle some salt. It might feel like you’re adding too much salt but trust me on this one. You would need all the salt you can get.  

So there we have it, your Puerto Rican Slow-Cooked Pork is ready to eat. Serve it hot with some cold drinks. Naturally made Chapman would work wonders with this recipe. 

My thoughts on Puerto Rican Slow-Cooked Pork Recipe

Where I come from, we don’t really like eating pork. Pig meat is considered taboo by some cultures. But after writing this piece, I like the idea of eating pork. It is slow-cooked, and I’m sure it’s going to taste nice. Well, for all the Puerto Ricans out there or everyone that is reading this article, I hope your slow-cooked pork tastes very well. Have fun and enjoy.