Toasted Ravioli Recipe from St. Louis, Missouri

Toasted Ravioli is a popular meal that is enjoyed by many over the world, there are many recipes for it from different locations. The difference between one recipe and another could be the inclusion of a simple ingredient or the time of cooking. It is however very important to have recipes for whatever you want to make, in fact, get many recipes of the same meal. You do not know the one you would prefer at a particular time. Recipes and cookbooks generate billions of dollars every year. There are YouTube channels, blogs, and websites like ours dedicated to bringing you the best of recipes from all over the world of your favorite meals. Are you a fan of Ravioli? Have you been searching for recipes that would give you new flavors and explode your taste buds? Are you a fan of St. Louis, Missouri, and how meals are made there; their recipes and all? This article is definitely for you. 

There are always different ways of making things that would add more pizzazz to what you would ordinarily consider a plain or bland meal. This Toasted Ravioli Recipe from St Louis, Missouri is one of such unique takes of the much-beloved Toasted Ravioli meal. Try it and get an explosion of flavors, texture, creaminess, and taste. 

St Louis, Missouri Recipe of Toasted Ravioli 

Like many things from Missouri this recipe screams uniqueness, it is also very delicious, it is a breaded recipe, it is fried, served with cheese, and marinara sauce. Just imagine how delicious this is. Let’s delve into the recipe. 

It shouldn’t take you more than 15 minutes to prepare. 

Cooking should be 10 minutes and 5 minutes extra for miscellaneous. Bringing it to a total of 30 minutes. 


  • Whole milk, 2 tablespoons;
  • An egg;
  • Seasoned Italian bread crumbs, ¾ cup;
  • Optional (salt half teaspoon);
  • Frozen Ravioli cheese, 25 ounces;
  • Oil (vegetable) for frying, three cups;
  • A tablespoon of parmesan cheese, grated;
  • Spaghetti sauce, a jar;


  • Mix your egg and whole milk in a bowl, put your bread crumbs in another bowl, you then soak your Ravioli in the egg and milk mixture, you can now proceed to use your breadcrumbs to coat the Ravioli. 
  • Heat your marinara sauce in a saucepan, use medium heat and make sure it heats till it bubbles then reduce the heat. Let it summer. 
  • Pour your oil into an appropriately sized pan, heat it till it is hot enough to fry an amount of breading brown (use medium heat). Proceed to fry your Ravioli, fry a side for 1 minute or until it turns golden. After frying serve with parmesan cheese sprinkled on it and the side of marinara sauce. Serve hot. 


This is a great recipe for several gatherings, it is easy to make and taste delicious, many people swear by it. Try it and see if you would not be wowed by its taste. It is also very nutritious.