Try These New Trendy Restaurants in NYC!

Once a restaurant in New York City takes on the trendy status, it becomes almost impossible to get a chance to eat there. You might be forced to either stay up late waiting for a reservation opportunity or go to one and hope you can squeeze your way in. Luckily there are also trendy restaurants with awesome vibes and easier entry.

These five restaurants below are trendy with nice atmospheres, great food, and drinks. They also make great options for dates, dinners, or friendly outings.

5 New Trendy Restaurants in NYC

The Turk’s Inn

The Turk’s Inn is a trendy restaurant located in Brooklyn, NY. Eating at this restaurant is like being in an awesome time machine. The festive eatery is modeled to resemble a 1970s supper club. Here they sell impressive Mediterranean food. You and your friends can go enjoy a dish of dips with crudité or the huge lamb ribs that are served on a metal skewer. The Turk’s Inn is especially great for group dinners. They also have a bar on the roof so you and your friends can head over there for a drink.


Kichin is a Korean restaurant in Bushwick with two floors and a DJ booth. It has a bar where you and your friends – or your date – can hang out, eat chicken and drink cocktails. It also has tables so if you’d rather sit, you can make or reservation. At Kichin, you can enjoy Korean rice cakes and halloumi, kimchi fried rice, and so many more.

Hunky Dory

This list of trendy restaurants in NYC would be incomplete without a mention of American food, so this is where Hunky Dory comes in. Hunky Dory is super trendy, as it has all the elements needed for that Netflix movie neighborhood-style restaurant. The atmosphere is appealing with its bright blue walls and skylight at the back. The ambiance is relaxing, especially after a stressful day. Hunky Dory is open for business all day long, so you can enjoy breakfast there at 9 am or go to the bar at night to enjoy beer and cocktails. And if you love great customer service, the staff at Hunky Dory is super friendly too.


One good thing about NYC is that there is never a shortage of Korean food. Haenyeo is a lively, trendy place in Park Slope where you can enjoy drinks and food with your group of friends. Its marble tables, candlelit atmosphere, and hardwood floors give it a very impressive vibe. Here they serve rice cakes, grilled oysters, seaweed butter, chorizo, and so on. You can wash down your meal with one or more bottles of soju.

Di An Di

Located in Greenpoint is this trendy Vietnamese restaurant. Here they sell amazing Vietnamese food that will please your taste buds. The space is plant-filled with a pastel theme that makes it very pleasing to the eyes. When visiting Di An Di, try out the bowl of beef pho and the fried daikon rice.

Try out these 5 new trendy restaurants in NYC today!