Vitamins and Minerals You Need for a Solid Nutritional Foundation

There are so many different mineral and vitamin combos. How does one know what they should search for when they are in the market looking to buy themselves some vitamins. You do not need to have a high degree to know which type of minerals and vitamins your body needs for you to have a solid nutritional foundation. Check out the following Minerals and Vitamins which your body would need to get a solid nutritional foundation. 

List of Vitamins and Minerals You Need for a Solid Nutritional Foundation 

Vitamin D

This helps our bodies collect calcium from their sources. Calcium is necessary for the health of our bones. If you do not get enough of these vitamins, you would get sick more often, you would have back and bone pain, you would lose your hair. Sources of Vitamin D include the early morning sun, cereals, juice, milk, egg yolk, fatty fish too. 


This is an important nutrient. We need to get this from supplements and food. Magnesium is best known to be very important to the health of our bones. It also aids in the production of energy. Magnesium has other benefits like helping to reduce stress and to calm our nervous system. It also helps manage sleep issues like Insomnia. It helps to regulate nerve tissues and muscles. It helps in balancing sugar levels of the blood sugar. It helps create DNA, bone, and protein. 


More than forty % of the population in the United States do not get enough calcium from the diet they consume. These people are not getting enough minerals for strong teeth and bones. Ladies specifically start losing their bone density quicker than men. Starting up by getting enough calcium is one of the best defenses against this problem. 

Foods that serve as sources of calcium include yogurt, cheese, milk, salty fish, kale, broccoli, nut butter and nuts, lentils, and beans. If you have a diet that is rich in these meals, you should be absorbing enough levels of calcium. 


Zinc is a little bit low in older people. People that suffer stress too have low levels of Zinc in their system. We all go through a lot of stress, so we all need high levels of Zinc in our systems. This helps our immune system manage fat, protein, and carbohydrates for the production of energy. This also helps the healing process of injuries. 


Iron helps with the production of healthy blood cells, an increase in cognitive function, and an increase in the energy of our bodies. People that consume red meat get enough iron. But if you are either having your menses, going through the age of puberty or you are pregnant, the amount of Iron your body would need would increase. 

These are the Vitamins and Minerals You Need for a Solid Nutritional Foundation. With these, you are sure you and the young ones around would grow properly.