What is the Raw Food Diet?

Hey there. Today I’ll be talking about the raw food diet. Let’s learn this together, shall we? And don’t worry, I know you’re not 12. I enjoy writing my pieces like this. Let’s begin. 

The Raw Food Diet Definition 

The raw food diet, which is also known as raw veganism or raw foodism, is a diet that is entirely almost composed of the consumption of unprocessed and natural foods. 

A food that is considered raw has never been in the presence of heat for more than 104–118°F (40–48°C). Such food should also not be recorded, treated, pasteurized, or handled with pesticides in any way. 

Instead, such a diet makes use of a lot of different methods of preparation. These methods include sprouting, soaking, dehydrating, blending, and juicing. 

Just like veganism, raw food diets are typically based on plants. These meals are generally made from things like fruits, seeds, nuts, and veggies. 

Various raw food diets are based on plants. Some people only eat raw eggs and milk. Some also eat raw meat and fish. 

Also, consuming supplements is greatly discouraged when one is making use of or consuming raw food only. Various proponents usually claim a diet wood gives one all the types of nutrients they need. 

My thoughts on the raw food diet 

All through the time I was writing this piece, I’ve just been thinking of how bad I need to get on such a diet. Not that I would enjoy consuming raw meat or raw fish and all of that. But I need to cut down on my consumption of sugar and things like flour. For two days straight, I ate nothing but cake and energy drinks. Like can you imagine? Things became that extreme. What about you? Which type of meals do you consume? Do you want to get on the raw food diet? If yes, how are you going to survive with it? Are you going to tell your friends about it? What do you think they would say? Do you think they would want to join you? Later today, I’ll tell my younger brother about this raw food diet. But he is a great fan of burgers and all whatnot. He is going to sit and laugh at me. I know, of course, that there are people that live very long and happy lives consuming this type of diet. 

It is all cool too. But because you want to go on the Raw Food Diet, this doesn’t mean you should, you know, eat raw pieces of yam or natural pieces of rice. If you do that, you might get sick fast. 

When you want to get into the raw food diet, you need to do a lot of research, just as you are doing at this moment. Know correctly what you are getting into before you start. It would save you from a lot of issues in the future. Getting on this diet as everything has advantages and disadvantages.