Why You Should Trade Your Morning Coffee For Matcha

We get busy all the time. Whether it’s just hanging out with friends, finishing off an activity, or rushing to work, there’s always something that is bound to take your time. We are humans that are bound to be active, therefore, you need to look into your health. To be able to get through with your responsibilities, you need to have a lot of energy. Since we aren’t machines, our energy tends to be sapped out when overused. Because of this, people turn to caffeinated beverages to boost their energy. Coffee is one of such.

A lot of people resort to coffee as a way of keeping active. Students who stay up all night to read and people who work late into the night use coffee to keep themselves alert. Unfortunately, taking coffee all the time has some side effects. This is why Matcha tea is highly recommended and you should totally trade your morning coffee for it.

Here are the reasons you should take Matcha instead of coffee:

1.) Lasting Energy

For a while now, Matcha tea has been an alternative to coffee. This is because it contains about 70mg of caffeine. More so, it has other active ingredients to help prevent one from being overstimulated. One main ingredient found in Matcha is I-theanine. It helps the body to produce a state of relaxation

2.) Boost Metabolism

Matcha is quite different from other teas out there. The leaves contain a high level of polyphenols that help the body with metabolism. A cup of Matcha tea every morning will help you feel not only active but healthy too. If your metabolism is high, your fat level will be low. This also works well for those looking to lose weight. In all, Matcha tea speeds up the metabolism rate of your body.

3.) Helps Blood Pressure

A lot of people get extremely busy every day, so much that they don’t notice when their blood pressure starts going up. This is very bad for health as people die from cardiovascular diseases. A good way to keep your health healthy is to be aware of your blood pressure. Too much caffeine can make your blood pressure go up.

Matcha tea contains ingredients that help to keep your blood pressure from going up. It contains different catechins that help blood flow.

4.) Slow Aging Process

Matcha tea has a lot of antioxidants that help to boost your immune system. Also, they have a positive impact on the overall aging process. These antioxidants help to give you healthier skin and hair.

5.) Fresh and Clean Breath

Coffee, when taken regularly, gives off bad breath. Even after brushing vigorously, the smell still clings. Matcha tea contains sterilizing agents that get rid of germs and bacteria. It leaves you feeling all fresh and clean.Coffee might be a very popular choice for people seeking to stay active. However, look out for other good alternatives. Matcha tea is a very good replacement.